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The Equity tokens, in addition to reflecting stakeholder equity, can also serve as a premise for how to orchestrate the value evolution of the TOTEM system. This includes aligning and re-aligning around purposes and goals at multiple levels: individual, group, platform, and knowledge ecosystem.


Information flows x equity tokens  = Intersects of intangibles and tangibles (assets x expected earnings potential)


The steering and governance of the value evolution of TOTEM need to be premised by TOTEM and PlayDAO foundational agreements. The allocation and distribution of funds and resources can then be managed by additional governance structures and processes through a system of curation markets.



Development Timeline: 1st in release order. The development is complete. Pre-Sale to fund legal and security auditing before release. Equity token is launched at the start of the $10 Million crowd sale. Pre-sale investors are able to acquire equity tokens at a 2-6x bonus based on when they participate in the pre-sale.