Any individual or group can form a FOLIO around a topic they wish to organize and curate, and then publish with whatever type of licensing agreement and fee structure they wish. There are free FOLIOs, Ad-supported FOLIOs, FOSS FOLIOs, and subscription FOLIOs and it is possible to organize the licensing structure to include revenue sharing, royalty and any other type of financial agreement that can be encoded in a smart contract.


















There can be dozens or hundreds, or thousands of competing Topic FOLIOs that exist in harmony, and Topic FOLIOs that are focusing on the same topic may find it mutually beneficial to join forces or to promote each other via cross-links.


A healthy competition will drive Topic FOLIOs to deliver the highest quality and most effective results for whatever topic they are focusing on. Some Topic FOLIOs won't even care about how popular or effective they are, just as some people publish hugely successful blogs that generate incredible profits, and others just write for their pleasure.


One of the reasons why a FOLIO is so valuable as an alternative model for collaborative sensemaking and collective intelligence is the prioritization of personal agency and context that is present in every activity that takes place.


FOLIO combines a powerful set of tools previously only accessible to data scientists, AI and ML engineers, and large enterprise knowledge workers. It offers a set of incentive mechanisms based on the creation of a FOLIO token economy for each topic-specific group within the emerging knowledge supply chain.


Once FOLIOs become searchable, they have the potential to become the ultimate way to subscribe to pre-populated coordination spaces that are already plugged into the best tools and subscription services for a knowledge seeker, knowledge worker, expert or influencer who isn't interested in reinventing the wheel and would rather join a group that is already making significant progress towards generating a resilient and profitable model for large-scale collective intelligence.


For FOLIO creators/owners first-mover advantage dynamics apply. However, there is a non-rivalrous economics model at play where competing FOLIOs can merge to increase the collective value of their FOLIOs.


TOTEM OS provides an option for groups to export their existing conversations, FB Groups, Telegram groups, Sub-Reddit threads, and Slack workspaces into Keybase, where we will help to set up the identical workflow and style of communication atop a semantic web toolkit and automation infrastructure.

Conversations and collaboration within the TOTEM OS ecosystem are connected to each individual's data, which can be shared and referenced by the AI decision support chatbots to harnesses the value of this data towards the collective benefit of the group's knowledge discovery and improvement goals.

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