FOLIO provides a new way of ordering information to deliver personalized contextual decision support. By combining fine-grained rights management and value flow tracking capabilities FOLIO offers knowledge creators a powerful new set of tools for creating, managing, and distributing their knowledge artifacts.










For creators: Intellectual Capital Management

Contributions are secured with attestation and attribution at each level (Topic, Meta, Global). This provides transparent accounting of all interactions taking place which either creates new value or augments existing value flows.

For pattern language and ontology designers: Semantic Web Programmability

TOTEM provides means for knowledge creators and knowledge seekers, channel owners, curation experts, and audience, to attach meaning, perspective, and context to activities and knowledge artifacts through:

  • design and design affordances (epistemology, pragmatics, patterning, language use, and grammatic capacity designs and frameworks)

  • algorithms, code, and math (ontology, semantics, system, language)



For Users: Solving the Information Abundance Conundrum

"...when everything is available, within reach, accessible, the problem becomes not one of scarcity but of abundance. Where to find, amid the glut, what is right for you? How to separate the music from the noise?" -David Byrne

The combination of FOLIO, curation markets, and subscribed topics helps users leverage their knowledge graph to turn information into knowledge to determine optimal courses of action to achieve goals and/or receive insights and recommendations. By linking to existing resources and importing social media and documents, FOLIO can provide contextualized information and decision support.