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FOLIO is designed with fine-grained rights management, attribution, attestation, and value flow tracking capabilities which make it perfectly suited to introduce a variety of licensing and subscription opportunities that utilize the token associated with each FOLIO, to purchase access to the valuable collective intelligence resources generated by each group as well as the participants and users within each FOLIO.


The combination of Global FOLIO, Meta FOLIO, and Topic FOLIO ensures that attestation and attribution are baked into every piece of data at every layer of interaction. It records all activity as value flows from it's raw, unstructured state, via value accounting, to highly structured models, artifacts and services.

TopicTCR's are effective collaborative spaces for people to experience the exponential value that is generated when personal data, insights, and curation are routed through a transparent data science pipeline with clearly defined goals and affordances. Even the most basic work and group collaboration activities are done within a TopicTCR create immediate value. It might not create a ton of value, but there is some data broker, marketing and analytics company or research firm who will pay a few cents for a collection of personal data that has been structured and tagged and organized to illuminate some type of insight or trend or sentiment that is representative of the groups behavior and orientation.


The first phase of the TOTEM OS alpha program will introduce the many capabilities of the system to give people immediate opportunities to create value within a specific topic of interest. We will demonstrate through a selection of case studies and projects how FOLIO creates new opportunities to harness the value of our coordinated sensemaking and collective intelligence. We don't want to re-create the same surveillance marketplace model, and just make corrections to the flow of money through the system. It is important to create an equitable distribution of revenue that is generated from our data, but this is only one benefit of the TOTEM OS ecosystem.


Demonstrating the viability of generating revenue from FOLIO is just the first step in creating a transparent marketplace and regulatory system where we can start to recognize the value of our insights and pooled data, beyond just the low hanging fruit of ad-generated insight markets and the licensing of access to our social graphs and psychometric profiles.