Collective intelligence manifests in new technologies, making it possible for people to work together in new creative ways. TOTEM enhances the capacity of groups of people to solve the problems that affect them and to share their ideas and solutions, which in turn strengthens their cohesion.

In complex systems such as communities or organizations, the decisions that are made are linked to the exploitation of the knowledge and collective intelligence of its members, to the extent that they enable the transformation of interactivity, learning, and collaboration into value.

The usefulness of collective intelligence can be applied in and across many areas such as personal data markets, consumer behavior, business intelligence, social capital, and natural capital management, large scale coordination of activities across domains and design of governance and public policies, among many others.


Looking at Big Data differently

The logic of the Big Data paradigm has rendered obsolete traditional forms of management based on addressing consequences rather than causes. This paradigm has also given rise to the emergence of new forms of management based on relevant intangible assets, such as the knowledge possessed by people and the information flows of organizations and markets. These assets are recognized today as invaluable for the development of society in the 21st century.

TOTEM can form part of new business and institutional management models in which it is possible to measure and verify the interaction and collaboration between people, as well as with technology, to design better systems and improve results.

What is our solution?

Agent-centric value management

We will deliver low-cost, user-friendly identity management, data intelligence services, and AI decision support systems to anyone, making internet users the owners of their data and stakeholders in the future of collective intelligence resources and value streams. In short, fair distribution of gains from collective means towards equitable and sustainable ends.


How do we do it?

Flexible systems design

A system of software and hardware modules for identity management, communication, and knowledge management designed to sit on top of a value flow and token management system which uses our unique token models and governance protocols. (see also Our Innovation)


Why should you care?

Self Sovereignty and access to equitable collective gains

Today's internet business model has evolved in such a way that we (the internet users) don't have access to new and increasingly valuable sources of value created from our data. Imagine the creators of information not having access to its products nor its value. That's us.