Sense Collective is building the infrastructure to connect non-technical people, organizations, and businesses with emerging technologies, products, and services that harness collective intelligence and enable collaborative sensemaking. We call it TotemOS.

TotemOS is valuable for all public health and social capital resources, natural capital and social capital include healthcare, agriculture, local culture, i.e art and music, publishing, media, local retail, in support of IoT, smart city planning, circular economies, and in protecting the health and integrity of democracy itself, as the Totem Identity Manager helps to introduce a number of technologies and tools that are changing the way we manage our identity and authenticate information, with insight into the reputation, influence, impact and equity associated to information and insight markets and assets. 

To help begin this journey we are establishing an education and training portal where knowledge seekers and knowledge creators can interface, to scaffold their needs with expertise and iterate towards a coowned set of collective intelligence resources and protocols.

Imagine if those parts of what makes a great system valuable were created and owned by the developers and users that make it useful and powerful. That is TotemOS.

The Capacitor Program

The Capacitor Program is designed to form a super-group of 300 people who represent the diversity that is essential to any future web. Capacitor is part of Sense Collective's MetaGrant program which is designed to bring over two dozen blockchain projects, protocols and tokens (and communities)together to tease out the value propositions and amazing features that are at the center of each project, in a way that makes them immediately explicit and recognizable to non-technical people. Smart contracts, DAO's, TCR's, Wallets, Digital Identities, and signatures are the backbone of a new way of interacting and coordinating, but the user experience of these tools and networks is so far out of reach for most people. While improvements are being made every day to solve the inevitable UI/UX challenges that accompany decentralized technologies, and token integrations, Sense Collective has found that it is possible, and actually really amazing to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain tools, tokens, DAO's, etc, in the simplest way possible, often forsaking some of the elements of the value proposition that make it truly decentralized, but that's ok...


So long as we are incredibly clear about how we go about foreshortening the tech stack and architecture, to model the experience of a smart contract, a DAO, or a TCR, to demonstrate what is happening with Metamask, and the many rounds of signatures, but to do so, by cutting those layers out for now, and representing them in a slightly different way, using Keybase's PGP Key management, KBFS, and Encrypted Git, along with KB's social proofs, to map out a Minimum Viable Dao workflow that allows anyone to create their own model DAO, inside of a Keybase Team, that delivers on around 80% of the features that make DAO's DAO's.

Our blog series will introduce you to a number of new software protocols, products, services and applications that we have developed to unlock vastly more expansive and effective methods for collaboration, with a focus on the coordination of social and natural capital resources. 

We will highlight several projects that we are working on to give you a clear picture of how these tools and features work, and to demonstrate the exponential value that is created once we have successfully on-boarded a few hundred practitioners, designers, artists, scientists, influencers, teachers and creatives and they begin to get the hang of using these newly acquired super-powers.


Sense Collective's roadmap seems conservative at first glance as we focus our efforts initially on a small batch of workshops, educational programs, enterprise training sessions, public installation art, music and interactive design events, and the continuing development of our own software and hardware ecosystem, TotemOS. During the first 4 months of 2020, Sense Collective will engage with a few thousand people and through our various events and programming, we will welcome the first 300 members to Sense Collective's Capacitor Program, a unique innovation design program that provides Educational Programming & Enterprise Training and culminates with a month-long Hackathon & Citizen Science program.