The Fair World One coordinates its actions and sensory information by transmitting signals to and from its various parts.

Perceptagon devices connect between reality, FWO, and virtual reality.

PXR is a contextual sensing system, connecting real, mixed, and virtual environments with human-machine interaction.

PXR sends signals to and from the Fair World One to trigger responses on both sides of the digital divide.


Perceptagon XR Configurations:

PXR can be used to enhance media with real-time data. It can also be used to coordinate data, intelligence, and services.


Example use cases:

  • Industrial supply chain management

  • Fleet management

  • Secure, open data streams embedded in Card+

  • Environmental monitoring systems with Card+ as an interface

  • Ubiquitous sensing and distributed computing

  • The contextual layering of real-world and virtual environments


The Why of Perceptagon XR

  • anchors the Fair World One in reality

  • connects causality with responsibility

  • connects anything to anything (this is not a joke)

  • adaptive, responsive, and ubiquitous, computing