Million Devs

The One Million Developers initiative is focused on locating, organizing and empowering the next 1,000,000 Ethereum developers.

The Stewards are committed to reaching this audacious goal by the end of 2020.

To kickoff the Million Devs effort, they have opened up a bounty on Gitcoin, to curate big ideas that will help realize this goal.

What's My Big Idea?

- I would like to help adapt and customize the tactical education and outreach toolkit that I developed over the course of 4 years, while working with Bill McKibben,, Campus Climate Challenge, Powershift, The NRDC, Greenday, Modest Mouse, and The Download Festival.

-I helped organize the single largest day of collective action in world history, w/ founder Bill McKibben and a coalition of over 200 NGO's, We organized 24 million people in 189 countries to participate in a single day of community action, focusing on tangible science-driven ecosystem and community garden projects.

- I organized over 500 different bands and artists from around the world to serve as super-nodes in propagating a 1/2 year lead-up strategy of outreach, promotional events, and local educational programming and workshops that culminated in the day of action with 24 million participants.

- I would love to help 1 Million DEVS to achieve a similarly ambitious goal.

Project Brief: Organize a global coalition of musicians, artists, designers and creatives who have active fanbases, communities, or networks that they can activate as evangelists and relay nodes in a co-education program.

- Artists/Musicians bootstrap an incentive and rewards feedback loop that uses concerts, downloads, artwork, and other creative merchandise and donations from various other creatives, as part of a viral outreach campaign to bootstrap co-teaching networks.

- Artists/Musicians in the Tier 1 Campaign

1) have an active fanbase or community. I can bring several big-name artists to this initiative, as an initial seed to help establish the initial attention of the music press and media. Artists who are still growing their fanbase can still absolutely add tremendous value to the campaign, once there is some traction, to help maintain a widening circle of outreach. College bands are a must, as they can help with college radio promo, to leverage as many media streams as possible.

2) are genuinely interested in education and blockchain.

- They don't need to know too much about blockchain or Ethereum, although it is obviously a plus if they do. They do need to have signaled an earnest interest in learning. The most successful collaborations we made with Rock 'n Renew were instances where artists stood side-by-side with their fans to learn together about an issue or scientific topic. We ultimately want to facilitate co-learning as an embodied part of the communities who join this effort. Our support can come in a number of ways, including curation and editing of their own organic content, paired programming sessions, and small community projects that help demonstrate the lessons in the field.

To reach 1 million ETH devs, at some point in 2020, the campaign will need to activate an exponential force multiplier where educational materials, videos, tutorials, and workshops can be shared by students and developers who have already completed some initial aspects of their training/curriculum, and are then helping to co-teach beginners and field questions as part of a requirement for them to reach higher-levels of credentialing and rewards.

The role of the artists/musicians and influencers, is to act as a beacon, and an anchor, for communities of practice, and co-teaching to form that utilize both in-person workshops and hackathons, and online programming, to move through the different lessons and stages of the program.

How to deliver this?

Host A Brainstorming and Idea Curation Workshop:

This can be on Zoom or in-person at ETH Denver depending on budget.

A semi-structured session with multiple breakout groups, and participatory design activities, with the focus on creating a deep list of artists, musicians and influencers, and refining the various stages and curriculum milestones, rewards, and media and marketing strategies, as related to the onboarding of artists and musicians.

Start a donation pool of concert tickets, backstage passes, swag, t-shirts, memorabilia, NFT's and other rewards.

Create limited edition NFT's that commemorate the local concerts that are associated to 1 Million Devs Campaign

One of the first coding challenge milestones can be to learn the various technical steps needed to claim an NFT, which grants you free access or special access to a concert or download.

Once the first batches of donated stuff are seeded, it self-actualizes/bootstraps a lot of traction.

Setting a series of anchor dates for:

In-person workshop session in a city where we know we have a partner artists performing.

Setting up a workshop the day of the concert, near the venue, and getting the band to stop in for a few minutes.

We (Rock 'n Renew) did this with Modest Mouse at the Download Festival, and easily drove 5000 people to make viral videos sharing their Ditch The Bag Canvas Bag video, about ditching plastic bags.

Organize a month-long guerilla marketing campaign with 100 local indy retail stores, skateshops, record stores, coffee shops, clothing stores, bookstores.We did ths w/ Download Festival & NRDC where we had promotional canvas bags at the counter with the Download Festival date, and info on our Educational Programming and Makerspace which was at the concert.

I interviewed the bands, and wove together the promo for multiple cities over multiple months, using radio, tv and the bands fanbase. This combination of interactive design, traditional and alternative media is essential to realizing these moon-shot initiatives.

I hope to bring this successful model for scaling ambitious ideas to fruition in support of the Million Devs project.

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