Music Industry in Blockchain: @ Nexus Earth Conference @ Aspen Institute

Music Industry in Blockchain: How can artists in the music industry take advantage of 
Blockchain technology? 
O 9:30am - 10:35am, Sep 21 
9 Booz-Allen Hamilton Room, Koch Seminar Building 

Music Industry on the Blockchain: How can artists in the music industry take advantage of Blockchain technology?

Dubowsky’s talk will provide a survey of the state of the art in blockchain use within the music industry. Examples of successful concepts, particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem, and trials will provide insight into how the Nexus blockchain can provide significant benefits to this segment of the blockchain industry.Dubowsky will showcase what he sees as the standard model which is emerging through the use of Ethereum Smart Contracts, and alternative uses of tokens as dynamic carrier waves for reputation, influence, impact, ownership, access controls, and licensing tools. 
Dubowsky will cover several amazing new abilities that blockchain technology can deliver to artists, songwriters, publishers and performers, all which deliver additional revenue streams, enhanced fee collection, creative payment contracting, cooperative insurance and financing, and an awesome improvement in communication activities between artists and their fans. The 24 Hour Songwriting Contest &  Workshop/Hackathon on Saturday September 23rd will be an opportunity for local artists and those watching online, to participate in a 24 hour songwriting contest which will demonstrate further examples of how to use blockchain technology to improve many aspects of a typical songwriting contest. This workshop/hackathon will be an opportunity for local musicians to learn first-hand how to use several different tools and features of the Nexus Blockhain, and a handful of open-source software tools. 


Jonny Dubowsky 

Cyberneticist/CIO, The Sense Collective 

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