Sense Collective is a platform developer, knowledge provider, and strategic partner for knowledge channel design.

The Fair World Computer


"...nobody seems to know how to define us in ways that work with how we define ourselves. Is it possible to do better and give us an identity that works?"
- Vinay Gupta


​The FWC is Sense Collective's joint addressing of what we believe are the fundamental flaws in information technology, network design, and the resulting asymmetrical power structures. The FWC is our contribution to what new tools are needed to build a new information and knowledge economy.


It begins with identity


The treatment of identity and any data and information that originates with the users of technology presents an overlooked opportunity to solve a whole ecosystem of problems which begin with our premise: 


Asserting your identity in the context of shifting world views


In order to shape technology to benefit people, we have combined our years of research on ecology, networked identity, and digital conversations into a platform including architecture, process, and ecosystem design inviting others to:

- reclaim digital identity
- combine collaborative sensemaking and collective intelligence
- connect place, people, knowledge, and value
- perform knowledge work in small groups
- engage at scope and scale, forming knowledge ecosystems

We call this knowledge flow design as a service: big data, by everyone, for everyone.

“In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.”
- Ikujiro Nonaka

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