Knowledge Subscription Services

The goal is to automate knowledge delivery and integrate these automated information flows directly into communication spaces. Our TOTEM CHAT spaces are designed to integrate topic-specific channels that users can subscribe to, where their personal identity and conversation are leveraged to deliver contextualized decision support right where context emerges.


The pricing is set by the TOTEM FOLIO owner/creator and the success or failure of a channel depends on the channels' perceived market value and the quality of its product which is continuously evaluated by its users.


Channels are interactive, curated lists of news media, strategies for alleviating skin conditions, recipes for cheesecake, photographs of microscopic parasites, genetic profiles, stock picks, recommendations for hotels in Pango Pango, lists of free online courses and resources and guides for those courses, and pretty much anything else you can think of, where the users and creators of lists form a closed loop of information and feedback into which they can invite marketers, advertisers, brands, and data intelligence service providers.



Our TOTEM CARD hypermedia delivery system makes it possible to integrate transactions, identity, and analytics in such a way that it is possible to deliver much more valuable data and metadata with the highest degree of security and accessibility.


We will offer our early users a la carte service packages that help them establish their particular knowledge channels, and provide them with assistance whenever they need it. We will however very quickly set up a network of TOTEM FOLIOs whose purpose it is to service other FOLIOs, so that anyone can participate in the value of developing and maintaining knowledge channels.