[[Sense Collective]] is building a series of products and services that together form a workbench for aligning shared interests, capital, incentives, behaviors, political, economic and social systems for short, medium and long-term benefits. A complex combination of systems is emerging in the #DeFi ecosystem. To create a level playing field, and on board as many non-technical people as possible at the Genesis of several once in a lifetime opportunities, we have designed a spiral shaped system for building in public, raising money for solutions, unpacking the complex systems, and providing clear entry points for people of all orientations to join us.

 [[CapacitorDAO]] is an ambitious meta-project that [[Sense Collective]] has been organizing for several years, to bootstrap several of the more transformative solutions that blockchains and smart contracts make possible. The fundamental concept and organizational model was first dreamed up, all the way back in 2013 when co-founder [[Jonny Dubowsky]] first started mining [[BTC]]. Seeking out the protocols and infrastructure for coordination and collaborative sensemaking, and collective intelligence, led us to many of the best and most successful protocols and token engineering models. However, at each juncture, while duct-taping the #MVP with current best practices, it was evident that several pieces were still missing. To proceed with this ambitious plan, without every fundamental module working as intended, would ultimately lead to one of a handful of outcomes, which have proven to be the course that other projects, who made similar attempts, have run into. Tokens for fundraising, bootstrapping VC funds, attracting and rewarding early stakeholders, bootstrapping liquidity, protecting long term interests from speculators and whales, whose actions could prove damaging to the long term outcomes. Finding the cybernetic regulatory functions, and sensors, actuators and power supplies, and piecing together in ways that met the actual requirements of stakeholders in a multi-sided marketplace. We have arrived at the point where the infrastructure is now ready, and thanks to countless pioneers as well as the continued efforts of long standing protocols, we have a fairly substantial and diverse menu of possible solutions, mechanism designs, scaling and communications, governance, liquidity provision, sustainable and resilient capital value flows. How to launch a massive project, with a wide range of applications? Solutions and products and services? We will begin working with the garage door open, to give access to the full tech stack, architecture, protocol design, and introduce several projects and services and validation of our core thesis which has come in the way of the Family Office portfolio management systems, using Totem and Setlist. We will also begin with a number of educational objectives, activities tutorials, workshops, and blog posts and demos. Building off the 5 years of workshops we have given at NYU ITP and several conferences and meet ups, we will draw several map reliefs of existing systems that either serve as a foundation layer for our ecosystem, or otherwise showcase an intuitive and accessible mental model of how Web3 is shaping up, and how we have begun our engineering and design process, to be as adaptive and iterative as possible. We need your help, and expertise, and welcome you to join us in the first series of working groups where we will work through several current events, problem states, or product discovery sessions where we jump directly into addressing opportunities and problems that we hope to solve.