TOTEM FOLIO Templates:

Topic-specific curation environments with relevant ontologies, schema, databases, and smart contracts with optional/additional functionality, smart contracts, pre-seeded graphs, bots, oracles, wallets, and service integrations (data science, marketing, ontologies, schema design)



TOTEM CHAT Templates:

Topic-specific chat environments with relevant channels and databases for AI decision support and Recommendations delivered into the conversation space.



TOTEM CARD Templates:

Our hypermedia delivery system TOTEM CARD lends itself to quickly spinning up self-contained systems of value and knowledge flow management; transactions, agreements, and communication, to which users can attach almost any kind of asset. Each Micro-Enterprise comes with embedded user identity including reputation and the ability to stake assets to products and services and tokenize and exchange knowledge and insight artifacts and collections via the Stellar asset protocol and DEX P2P Asset Exchange.



TOTEM DKR Templates:

Pre-seeded knowledge graphs that help users hit the ground running with their FOLIO, CHAT, CARD applications, and tasks.