Tokenization is the process of substituting a sensitive value element (tangible or intangible asset) with a cryptographic equivalent, referred to as a crypto token which has no extrinsic or exploitable meaning or value other than its relationship with the value it represents and the system for which it was designed.

TOTEM's design and architecture are built upon a set of crypto-economic and category primitives (principles, processes, and protocols) forming and governing token economies that are modeled on natural flows of currency through social and financial systems, enabling collaborative scaffolding of attention allocation and incentivizing curation of insights and knowledge.

The TOTEM system enables users to create, curate and subscribe to tokenized information flows with full attestation, specification, and attribution.

The token economics is designed to make the flow of information explicit within the flow of data, intelligence, curation, knowledge, and value markets in the TOTEM system. This includes advertising, product recommendations, and a range of other services.

The curation market, as one example service in TOTEM, is handled by five different tokens.