TOTEM Identity Management means that individuals can set their personal preferences, goals, risk tolerance, and other specifications, which then becomes an Identity Graph, which together with relevant data and media forms a Totem, a digital representation of an entity.

Each person is issued a PGP Public/Private key pair for rights and permissions management which provides bots and oracles and other TOTEM holders with graph access and enables contextual AI decision support.





(fig.12: TOTEM Identity Management / double click to enlarge)

A TOTEM provides context for search, discovery, curation and collaboration activities allowing for matching of all participants' preferences, goals, and specifications. This agent-centric model provides context for all other identity management activities.
















(fig.13: Bots and oracles search the TOTEM Graph for alignment and insight)



Based on stated preferences, goal-statements, restraints, concerns, and other personal insights, The TOTEM Identity Management allows users to create their profile, indicating orientation and topical focus. This allows users to receive recommendations for ways they can improve their Totem, their digital identity, by linking additional resources, importing additional social media and documents, and otherwise providing additional context from which to evaluate and develop their digital footprint and determine the ideal course of action to achieve their goals.


TOTEM maintains real identities, rich user profiles, and social relationships for the people who comprise the system, and allows end-users to define arbitrary person-level properties and social structures in the system. Further, it allows programmers to interact with several different crowdsourcing platforms using the same primitives. This enables the development of cross-platform programming languages for social computing. And finally, because TOTEM defines communications protocols for both people and machines, programmers can very naturally interact with both in unified control flows even for complex parallel processing tasks.

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