The format for chat messaging is well established. What we will do is build on that to deliver a set of features that elevate the service into a responsive communication and information delivery system.



























(fig14: Chat+ will be a user-friendly and intuitive control surface for all of FWO)


Chat+ is the evolution of chat. Contextualized information delivered into the chat space midstream. Imagine combining contextualized information with decision support.

Contextualized information given channel and monetization is made available by source, topic, and area of interest in the form of TICKERs which can be switched on or off depending on need. TICKERs are scalable business and social intelligence systems. TICKER content is only limited by your imagination.


Monetization of Ticker channels inside CHAT+ comes in four varieties:

  1. Subscription

  2. Sales Commission / Royalties

  3. Data sharing (voluntary)

  4. Channel Templates


CHAT+ qualities:

  • Programmable: Algorithms; rules, guidelines, and heuristics

  • Card+: Natural Language Processing delivering contextualized information into the chat, which can be shared, edited, and annotated by users and authors.

  • TOTEM: Reputation and contextualized connectivity

  • Interoperable: Knowledge Ecosystems are made to interoperate using network protocols, standards, socket layers, social practices, norms, and individual behaviors.

  • Customizable: Templates (see: Programmable), knowledge recipes, boundary objects, pre-seeded graphs, API's

What does the + in CHAT+ mean?

  • + means assisted chat

  • group chat with attribution and TOTEM integration

  • assisted communication and contextualized content

  • assisted social learning

  • auto-curated chat

  • augmented inquiry

  • organize and coordinate resources and skills to act and build with attribution and attestation across groups

TOTEM diagrams-12.png