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Dynamic Knowledge Repository+ helps users set up storage systems and information channels with correct tags and permissions for incoming and outgoing data.

This is especially important for sensitive personal data such as medical data, biometric data, and financial data.

Our templates will include configurations of DKR+ designed for specific needs, and we will offer services to users where experts will be able to organize a DKR+ to increase its value.

Note: this can be done without the service provider having any access to personal information linking the client with the data repository being serviced.











(fig.7: security where it is needed and access where it is given / double click to enlarge)

A well constructed DKR+ forms the basis for a valuable knowledge repository and allows FWO to leverage those parts of the DKR+ which form the Global Knowledge Graph, our collective intelligence resource infrastructure.

  • an individual's or group's shared repository of knowledge and their analog and digital means to access and augment their co-creation of value, forming interactive artifacts (Card+), evolving with the individual, collaborative, collective and artificial intelligence (KAC).

  • a repository of value and insight which functions similarly to Github in that it is a version control environment for the development of topic-specific development & AI decision support.

  • the central knowledge curation space where curators, subject matter experts, data scientists, programmers, and ontology designers work.

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