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Resilient smart-societies will need intelligent networks that prioritize digital self-ownership and collective intelligence for sustainable data and knowledge-based wealth creation.

TOTEM is an operating system for creating shared incentive networks and building knowledge and insight markets from collective intelligence resources where everyone who participates has a place in the value chain.

 Collaborative Sensemaking & Collective Intelligence  are active processes that involve

Peer-Learning & Peer-Production, 

feedback loops between

Authors and Readers,

and a blurring of the lines within the emerging knowledge supply chain between

Knowledge Consumers & Producers 

TOTEM is a Software Design Kit (SDK) for social computing, for creating collaborative sensemaking and collective intelligence infrastructure.


With TOTEM's toolkit of modular components, and the community-supported library and search engine, built using the Stellar-IPFS Constellation and Pinning Module, with integrations to Cardstack's Tally Equitable Revenue Sharing protocol, and using Sense Collective's own data serialization protocol for interoperable representation of cross-token signature hashes, we can finally realize the exponential and cumulative benefits of our collective intelligence.


Insights derived from making public data structured, accessible, and easily understood are valuable on their own. They are made exponentially more valuable when these insights are part of a cumulative knowledge and revenue sharing ecosystem, with granular attribution, i.e TOTEM.

TOTEM SDK: Designing Collectivity


When we create cumulative and collaborative data collectives, the data is just the first step, as people begin to recognize that their everyday conversations and knowledge discovery activities when combined with the data, generates incredibly valuable insights and patterns that represent the exact type of insights that Google, FB, and Amazon are recognizing to be essential in continuing to see continued growth and improvement of their algorithmic empire. 

Ask a question or program an automated agent, and get valuable information on a wide and ever-growing variety of topics

Receive valuable information and insight and contribute to the flow of knowledge to build collective intelligence resources



We will deliver low-cost, user-friendly identity management, data intelligence services, and AI decision support systems, making internet users the owners of their data and stakeholders in the future of collective intelligence resources and value streams.

In short, fair distribution of gains from collective means towards equitable and sustainable ends.

  • Own your identity

  • Own your data

  • Build collective intelligence

  • Build better digital ecosystems


  • Managing Sovereign Identity and Personal Data 

  • Building Personal Data Repositories and Knowledge Graphs

  • Receiving Contextual Decision Support from User Owned Bots

  • Contributing to and Accessing Collective Intelligence Resources

  • Securely Sharing and Trading Valuable Knowledge and Insight

  • Developing Value-Added Knowledge Products Collectively

  • Delivering Knowledge and Insight via Secure Channels

  • Fair Distribution of Gains



Connecting place, people, knowledge, and value. Providing creators and seekers with a knowledge flow design system that computes and optimizes, human, social, and natural capital.

(see descriptions of components below)

A system for connecting people in ways that optimize for signal quality, agency, self-ownership, and context. Ownership of self and distributed services for developing collective intelligence channels for contextual decision-support will make the power of BIG DATA accessible to everyone. 



Tokenization of information flows.

Equity Token

Tokenization of value and currency flows that address capital, intangibles and leverage functions through identity, rights, and affordances.

Fiat Token

The FIAT(peg) token is for establishing a token exchange and financial market at and across the TOTEM boundary.

Reputation Token

A system of tokens that together signals demand, protects against malicious actors and directs flows of value.

Influence Token

Curating knowledge artifacts using mechanism design, game theory and incentives, and risk management.

Impact Token

Impact tokens are functional means of evaluating the performance of the various types of cooperative knowledge work from the perspective of individual and mutual goal realization.


TOTEM / Identity Manager

Self Sovereignty and specification of arbitrary person-level properties, preferences, and goals for access to contextual recommendations and decision support from collective intelligence resources.


TOTEM provides an initially simple system where people can capture their digital footprint, their thoughts and ideas, their digital artifacts and their work, and use the tools currently available to turn this information into insight both individually and in a network.



Sort by Context

Our personal data is the most valuable asset we can own yet we do not own it in any meaningful sense. When we take possession of this data and use it to create context in networks we create an emergent field of collective intelligence. And in a constantly shifting world, this is the most valuable product that we can collectively produce to improve our lives both materially and personally.

Bridges and Gaps

We believe that such a tool, made available to the public, would begin to deliver positive results within a very short time period and with a comparatively limited amount of users. 50k people connected and thinking and doing together, sharing knowledge and insight and building topic-specific channels of knowledge will help each of those 50k members discover the things that are missing from their knowledge base, and where they can extend their sphere of influence.




DAO: Decentralized

Autonomous Organization

PlayDAO is the governance, organizing, and funds and value allocation part of TOTEM where participants govern their activities, create and organize tasks, distribute and allocate funds, receive or make payments.


Intelligent Chat

Imagine being able to experience decision support and serendipitous discovery in every conversation. Chat+ is the central workspace for TOTEM.


Graph of Graphs

TOTEM provides every user with their knowledge graph and the option to connect parts or all of their graph in a network of graphs which we call the Fair World Graph. Our decision support and recommendation systems search the graph for synergies.


Identity Management

Self Sovereignty and specification of arbitrary person-level properties, preferences, and goals for access to contextual recommendations and decision support from collective intelligence resources.


Token Curated Registry

A FOLIO is a gamified knowledge creation, curation, coordination, and discovery environment. By offering incentives in the form of profit-sharing, bounties, and other kinds of fungible and non-fungible rewards, knowledge workers can engage with each other and their FOLIO subscribers, expanding the depth and value of their FOLIO.



Perceptagon XR is the sensory system (hardware/software) of TOTEM, it allows anyone to anchor their Totem, Card+ artifacts, and DKR+ in reality. TOTEM coordinates its actions and sensory information by transmitting signals to and from its various parts.


Data Repositories & Graphs

Dynamic Knowledge Repository helps users set up storage systems and information channels with correct tags and permissions for incoming and outgoing data.


Contextual Decision Support

FOLIO provides a new way of ordering information to deliver personalized contextual decision support. By combining fine-grained rights management and value flow tracking capabilities, FOLIO offers knowledge creators a powerful new set of tools for creating, managing, and distributing their knowledge artifacts.


Wizards which act as guides through processes, which analyze your TOTEM and provide feedback and strategies.


Programmable Hypermedia

CARD is a programmable hypermedia delivery system. It connects TOTEM modules and external services (twitter, slack). It connects embedded media, services, tokens, and smart contracts, forming dynamic social computing, graphs and knowledge representations.


Knowledge Markets

Access points for data, information and ad space buyers to transact directly with owners, contributors, and other users.

FOLIO is designed with fine-grained rights management, attribution, attestation, and value flow tracking capabilities which make it perfectly suited to introduce a variety of licensing and subscription opportunities



Discovery is exciting. Bots and Oracles act as assistants by analyzing your TOTEM and TOTEM CHAT conversations and searching the META GRAPH for synergies and context.




1. Assign identities

2. Design knowledge flows

3. Prioritize value flows

4. Publish


The Knowledge Augmentation Cycle is what allows TOTEM to augment Chat, making it programmable.



The value augmentation cycle is what allows TOTEM to turn curation markets into value flow: questions seeking answers and answers seeking questions.


Drivers of the new knowledge and insight economy.

1. Identity

2. Quizzics

3. Pooling Resources

4. Gamification

5. Information flows


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